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Knysna - Hermanus - Cape Town - February 13-14-15

(Wednesday 20 February 2008) by Karin
It is hard to remember what day it is but one thing is sure: time is flying and mine is almost up.
We left Knysna this morning to go to Cape Town - our final destination. Where does the time go.
A long drive today with only one longer stop in Hermanus, a small coastal town founded as a fishing village but now a day-tripper's paradise, thanks to the fact that it is considered the best land-based whale watching destination of the world. Our timing is not very good as whale season is over but it is a beautiful little town and we checked out the daily market looking for handicrafts instead and watched the ocean waves hitting the rocks.
On our way again to Cape Town. Just before entering we see loads of squatter camps along the highway. "Houses" made of any available piece of material and so many people living in poverty. What a difference with Cape Town. With the Table Mountain as its backdrop and the ocean hugging it on three sides, there cannot be a more beautiful setting. It's a place of extremes.
We are staying at the Drifters Cape Town Inn in Sea Point, just a few steps away from the sea front. Giovanna and I are sharing a room (with three beds) again and as usual, I manage to make a mess out of my corner in no time.
Carole, Andy and I go for a walk on the beach and watch a beautiful sunset before joining Jonathan and Giovanna at the Spurr (restaurant across the street from the Inn). There I make the mistake of mentioning, after having seen the waiters and waitresses 'perform' the birthday song quite a few times, that I'm sure glad it's not my birthday as I find this quite embarrassing :-,. And yeah, me and my big mouth, just minutes later I hear another dingdong announcing another birthday, Jonathan disappears and before I know it there is half the crew singing to me :-x ..... and the others laughing of course.
The plan to hike up the table mountain, and take the cable car down the next morning didn't really work out with the clouds hanging low (tablecloth). I was disappointed but maybe later in the day???
Instead we take a breathtaking ride along Chapman's Peak, linking Hout Bay with Noordhoek and end up in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Awesome scenery all the way. The reserve is part of Table Mountain National Park and is located at the southern end of the peninsula. We walked up to the old lighthouse, Giovanna and I taking our time and enjoying the stunning views. The old lighthouse was too often obscured by mist and fog, so a new lighthouse was built at Dias Point in 1919. Afterwards we drove to the Cape of Good Hope - the most South-Western point of the African continent. Truly spectacular.
Next stop: Boulders beach, south of Simonstown on False Bay, on the eastern coast of the Cape Peninsula - famous for being home to a colony of 3000 African penguins. The South African penguins are a tiny species. We spent a bit of amused time watching them going around. Drive back passing the Table Mountain unfortunately still wrapped in the cloud known as the 'tablecloth' but enjoyed the view of the city from above.
For our last dinner together we headed to the Waterfront, which is a reclaimed wharf area now teeming with hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. After checking out the area we met at Quay 4, a seafood restaurant right on the seafront where after dinner we moved to the tavern and cocktail bar downstairs.
We ended the evening in a too crowded bar on Long Street but Carole and I headed 'home' soon after.
We got up really early the next day as we hoped to be able to go up the Table Mountain but this one was still wrapped in the clouds. A few very sleepy faces around the breakfast table. After breakfast we headed for the proposed wine tour to Stellenbosch. Morgenhof Wineries is one of the oldest in the Stellenbosch area and have vast underground cellars filled with French Oak casks. We sampled a few wines (me only the white ones as usual) and then went back on our way.
On our way back we dropped Carole and Andrew at the airport - sad sad sad :-( - and said our goodbyes. The tour is over.
Back at the Inn, Giovanna and I decided to explore the neighborhood, got a haircut, and watched the sun set.

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