Travel Journal

Cape Town - Johannesburg - February 16

(Wednesday 27 February 2008) by Karin
Sun was out when Giovanna and I got up in the morning and we were excited.... yes.... the table mountain.... we will be able to go up today. But after breakfast we found out that the cable car was not running because it was too windy. We were sooooo disappointed :-(. What will we do now was our next question and with not that much time left we decided to check out cobbled Greenmarket Square. Strolled around the lively souvenir market (and spent too much money) and checked out the surroundings but all too soon it was time to head back as I was flying back to Jo'burg in the afternoon and I had not packed yet (nothing new here I guess). A quick lunch in the area before we said our goodbyes and promised each other to meet in Belgium or Switzerland soon. In the taxi to the airport I got a good look at the table mountain, this time without the table cloth. I would have liked so much to go up. And there is sooo much more I would still like to see that I will have to come back one day ;-).
As usual, I tried to get a window seat and as we took off I stared in awe at the natural beauty below me. Do not know exactly what these mountains are called, but there was just something about soaring above them *_*. Perfect ending of a perfect trip. View arriving in Johannesburg sure wasn't as nice.


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