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Johannesburg - February 17-23

(Wednesday 27 February 2008) by Karin
This week there was lots of time to relax and recharge my internal batteries.
The first few days, while enjoying Bob, Nicolas and Annemarie's company I spent quite a bit of time updating the travel log, uploading pictures and chatting with family. At least when I was not enjoying the sun in the pool or a drink in the evening.
Next, a few days with Aunt Elsie where we spent our time chatting, getting pampered, visiting with friends and playing Rummikub till the wee hours.
From here I moved on to Hans and Sandra where we started with a braai on Friday evening.
On Saturday morning we left early to go to Sun City and returned quite late.
Welcome to Sun City, filled with gilded statues of lions and monkeys, acres of artificial beaches, exploding volcanos and hundreds upon hundreds of slot machines, it serves no other purpose as to entertain. A sort of amusement park with all sorts of attractions, from a wave pool to water slides, a sandy beach, food courts, shops and movie theaters.
A few clouds did not spoil the fun as the weather was warm, slides were fun and the pool was nice and warm. Later, in the casino I did loose a few rand :-( but that surely did not spoil the nice dinner that followed.
A really nice ending of a great week.

  • .... by Hans

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