Travel Journal

Dunster - May 31

(Friday 1 June 2007) by Karin
Got up late today and had a lot to do so was rushing around. First a run... took the easier road but coming back it's mostly uphill of course. Then taking care of the plants etc and start digging my next trench. I thought that one would be must faster as it is not as long but didn't count on dandelions. Hardly any rocks here but lots of dandelion roots and that's even worse. So I didn't finish. Got picked up by Bob at lunchtime to go to McBride and get those pictures from the camera on a DVD. First went to get some lunch at the Beanery and met Glenda there so we had lunch together. Then did some shopping and went back to Bob's work where he already put the pictures on DVD. Now we still had to get them on the web..... hahahahha. We did a bunch of the flora pictures but then it was time to go home. Tried it myself here but discovered that a lot of the pictures are portrait and they are put on in landscape. Don't know how to change that (yet). Spend a lot of time fiddling around with this with no results so you will have to wait again. Also the pictures are numbered so not easy to find back. You'll all have to be a bit more patient.
I had turned on the sprinkler system for the garden after my walk with Shasta and before the picture episode and discovered 45 minutes later that it wasn't doing much anymore. And not much water in the house anymore either. We get water from the mountain and for the moment it is quite muddy as a lot of the snow is melting and overflowing the creek. Part of the water is filtered for drinking etc. and part of it is not. Tried to clean the filter but you have to be stronger then me to unscrew it. And I worked so hard on all those muscles. It's not fair. I guess I'll have to do more digging. Anyway, Bob got called again, he came and loosened the filter which was very muddy but by that time no water pressure at all so I couldn't clean it. No filtered and no unfiltered water anywhere. The pump is probably clogged somewhere. We can't figure out where so will have to call the plumber tomorrow. Bob went to get me some drinking water at his house and offered me a shower. Will be for tomorrow as it's getting late now and time for me to go to bed. Got to get up early as I will be picked up tomorrow for some sightseeing. Goodnight.


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