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Dunster - June 2 - Water!!!!!!!!

(Monday 4 June 2007) by Karin
Woke up early this morning and got up hoping I would have some water. Let Shasta out, fed her and turned on the water..... nothing....aaarrgghhh. What a pain.... I went back to bed as I didn't really want to deal with it. I was a bit discouraged. Got up at some point as things needed to get done even if there was no water. After taking out the plants, checking the greenhouse and trying to reach plumbers and the 'horse people' with no success I went to check on the horses to make sure they still had enough water. Going up there I just started laughing. I looked so funny stomping up the trail in a top, shorts, hat and Glenda's enormous, on my feet, boots. And I decided that I shouldn't let no water get me down. Once I let go of the stress I felt so much better. Passed by Glenda and Bob's to exchange her boots against my running shoes and get some advice on what to do with the yeast for making bread as I was out of bread and the store isn't exactly next door here. Came back here and started making some bread. After I gave Shasta and Caramel some water and used some for the bread I had just a little left for myself. While the bread was doing its thing in the breadmachine I made some lunch. Something that didn't need water. You only realize how much you use water when you don't have it. Couldn't wash my clothes, which is bad as I don't have many, you can't do the dishes, you gotta think about what you want to eat as a lot of cooking requires water, you can't wash your hands, let's not even think about a shower, etc.... But I managed. You become creative. Then I got some yard work done and got just a bit filthy but while I was busy getting dirty Bob send Mike, one of his friends, over and he managed to solve the problem. I now had water and knew how to fix it if needed. I hoped not to need that information as havy lifting is involved and Carol Ann and Ernie are back tomorrow.
I had delicious a delicious bread with avocado and mushrooms sandwich for dinner. I like this bread machine business. I know what's in my bread and surely no colorings and/or preservatives.... yummie. Might have to get one once I get home again. A nice walk with Shasta and the thought of a nice hot shower had me going on the evening chores but things didn't go that smoothly. I quickly ran out of water again and had to get the boots back so I could unclog the 'filter' in the creek and that water is not only muddy with all the snow coming down but also terribly cold. Managed to get some dirt out of there and left it when my arm was about half frozen..... or that's what it felt like. I couldn't pull out the pump as it was too heavy (as I suspected already) but did get some water for the garden. Then Carol Ann called to tell me their car broke down, they will have to buy a new one, won't be back tomorrow and don't know when they will be. They gave me all kinds of solutions and ways of getting water but I sure hope it'll start raining soon so I have a veggie garden less to worry about.
I showered at the neighbors (thank you Glenda and Bob) and will probably continue to do so for the next few days. Got home and crashed.

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