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Brussels - May 2008 - You are a little bit crazy..... but you are nice anyway

(Tuesday 10 June 2008) by Karin
Those are the words of 9 and a half year old Alexis on our way home after spending a day at Walibi, an amusement park about 30 km outside of Brussels. With over 50 rides, including the only wooden roller coaster in Belgium, Walibi Belgium offers without a doubt the best challenge for heroes of all ages.
The twins, Stefania and Alexis, had begged me to take them to Walibi one day during their week off from school, so on Wednesday morning we took off. A beautiful day and hardly anyone at the park. No lines, yippieee, and we were even able to stay on some of the rides. We got quite wet on the Radja River and the Flash Back before getting dizzy in the Cilindri Rotanti and the 'tea cups''. I had told the kids I would not go in any ride where, at some point, you end up with your head down and after one ride in the "one and only" wooden roller coster8-O , that was on the NO NO list too. My advice: hold on thight, take a deep breath and ..... scream. Luckily for me the kids agreed and we discovered some less "challenging"attractions before heading to Aqualibi where I discovered that two almost 10 year old kids have a hell of a lot more energy then I do. The 140 metre slides with bends that make them look like snakes were easy, the Rapido with its rapids and waterfalss a bit more challenging. All in all, a fun but tiring day.

The next evening, Goolfy Golf on the menu with some of my work colleagues. After a pizza dinner, off we went to Waterloo to visit the biggest European Indoor Black Light Minigolf. A 27 hole course divided over 2 floors with a very black tunnel going down (I took the stairs). A good laugh but if I remember it right I did finish somewhere near the bottom of the list.
Then there was one of my Sunday afternoon walks. Following in Folon's footsteps. Folon is a Brussels-born artist. He was a very versatile artist being drawer, painter, etcher and sculptor. Until the end of September, a string of exhibitions and events in a dozen locations in Belgium shed light on the full spectrum of the artist's creative output. I started with his mural "Magic City" in the Mongomery Metro Station followed by a few of his sculptures scattered all over Brussels. Next I will have to visit the Folon Foundation located on the stunning farm of the Chateau de la Hulpe but that will be for another time.


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