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Dunster - June 4-5 - Where is that rain????

(Wednesday 6 June 2007) by Karin
Monday.... it was supposed to rain and I waited all day. But it was sunny so I spent some time adding pictures to the travellog. Has anyone noticed? It's a lot of work and even more when you have no clue on how to do this. Am glad Bob put them on a CD and I have time to fiddle around with this. It was too hot and sunny during the day to plant but did plant some seedlings later in the day. When we actually got 3 drops of rain. Zucchini and pumpkin and loads of sweetpeas. But have almost no water. I was able to water all the flowerpots with the few gallons I collect over the day. Oh boy, I start thinking in gallons now..... this is no good. Anyway, once in a while a few gallons will come out of the faucet. And I have every jar, pan, bucket, watering can, or anything else that holds water ready to collect. I have drinking water, can cook and even manage to do the dishes. In very little water of course. But not enough water for the shower and the garden wants some too. So I run up and down the driveway to collect more in the creek but of course not for a shower as that water is muddy. My arms must be 20 cm longer than they used to be. It's a long way up the driveway when the buckets are full. And then to think that the river went up a few feet with all the snow coming down the mountain as this week was hot and sunny. Lots of fields are flooded. Unfortunately a lot of debris and mud comes down the montain too with all that water and that clogs the filters. I managed to get some mud out of the filter in the creek again .... cold cold cold.... thought my arm would freeze off but I still cannot lift the pump out. Even after all that water carrying. Went visiting next door and left there when I heard the first raindrops. Didn't want to be soaked but it stopped after those few raindrops. Glad I took flashlight though as it was pitchdark out there. Never know what you find on your way. Almost missed the driveway here.
Tuesday..... got up and the weather looked too good. Overcast but no rain. I'd asked Bob for a ride into town so I could collect my Greyhound bus ticket to go to Jasper and then he would be able to put weekend pictures on CD. He leaves at eight so had to be ready, and I was. Got my ticket and went for a walk to the birdsanctuary, as it wasn't raining anyway. But got blocked by a flooded road. Too much water all over but none in the house. So I walked back, did some grocery shopping and looked to see if I recognized someone from Dunster to hitch a ride back home. And I did. Mick doing some grocery shopping and going home after that. Made a little detour to show me beavers and then dropped me home. By this time it is finally RAINING. Yippieee. As I wasn't going to plant in the pouring rain I took a nap. Was tired as I went to bed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to late the last too evenings. Updated weblog, put on more pictures, had a walk with Shasta when it was just drizzling and had some dinner. A nice and quiet day. No worrying about the garden. Put all the buckets out cause figured that this way I wouldn't have to fill as many out of the creek.
Had three showers... One going to the neighbors, one there and one coming back... I must be very clean now. Should have washed my clothes while I was out there.
Hope the sun shines tomorrow.....

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