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Dunster - June 6 - Departure day

(Friday 8 June 2007) by Karin
You know what that means.... packing again. And my stuff kind is kind of scattered all over the house. And I have to make it fit again. Fun fun fun...
And lots to do today. Planting, cleaning, the usual chores, etc. And don't feel like doing anything.....
Finally decided to get into a faster gear and got going on the planting. Planted Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Luckily it rained so much yesterday that I didn't have to go get water in the creek. All buckets are full. In the house it was bad though. Less water then usual. Managed anyway and was packed, showered and ready to go around 10:30. Even managed to get a walk in with Shasta. Our last walk. Will miss that.
Ernie drove me to the busstop in McBride and I got on the Greyhound bus. Arrived in Jasper at 3:00 am. But what now. Had not really thought this through and here I was with no accomodation and it was cold. I knew the hostel closes at 2:00. Asked a taxi driver for a cheap hotel and luckily that one was close to the busstop. I've got bricks in my luggage. The Athabasca Hotel. Was even more lucky when I checked in. Had to advance the clock an hour so arrived after 4:00am. So I don't have to leave the room till Friday morning. Of course I'll be long gone by then but I can at least leave my luggage there all day and shower before leaving. The receptionist even brought my luggage up (no elevator).
Exhausted but comfortably installed I fell asleep.


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