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Jasper - June 7- Followed by an elk...

(Saturday 9 June 2007) by Karin
Started out at the visitor center and then went for a run on trail around Jasper town. Halfway I ran into a Wapiti. Stopped running, took some pictures and proceeded on. Crossed the street as to avoid her but she did the same. So crossed the street again, she did too. We kept going back and forth for a while until she decided she'd had enough and left me alone. I walked a bit further and slowly started running again thinking I was out of her sight. Wrong, wrong. She started running too and not in the other direction. So I stopped. She did the same .... I started walking ... she did too... I stopped... she did too... I started walking... she did too.... I guess you get the picture. Was quite funny. Finally she decided that food is more interesting than me and I was able to continue. Had to run a lot faster now as to not to be late for my white water rafting appointment.
First we had to change into a wetsuit.... that's quite an exercise and it doesn't feel very nice... and a jacket and lifejacket. Then in the bus to departure point at the bottom of the Athabasca falls. Water level very high because of the enormous amount of snow they got this winter. But first we had to carry the raft down the hill. Heavy heavy. We got some instructions on what to do but more importantly, what not to do, like fall into the water... And off we went. A family of five, the guide and myself. I sat in the front with the father and discovered soon after why nobody wanted to sit up front. Despite all the clothing I got totally drenched. And the water was cold. Could feel it run down my back. brrrrrrrrrrrr. But enjoyed it so much that I will definitely do this again. But hopefully in warmer weather.
Back at the hotel I quickly grabbed a bite and showered. So nice to have running water again. Then strolled around town a bit and spent some time in an internet cafe trying to figure out the 'how to put pictures on here'. Wasn't very successful so more pictures later. Don't think I will be able to do so at the hostels but maybe at my next wwoof. I keep trying. The Moose picked me up at 6:45 to go to the Athabasca Hostel as that is the departure point on Friday. Guess what.... a hostel with no running water. Glad I enjoyed a shower in the hotel.
We all had dinner together and sat around a campfire.


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