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Jasper - Banff - June 8

(Saturday 9 June 2007) by Karin
Moose departure at 8:30. Back to Banff over the Icefields Parkway. There is much to see and do along the stunning Icefields Parkway. We started with the Athabasca Falls, pouring through a narrow canyon canyon cut out of quartzite rock. Phenominal views of an amazing amount of water thundering down, making potholes and deep canyons in some of the hardest rock in Jasper National Park. Walked around and enjoyed the beautiful falls, mountains and surroundings. Then back on the Moose. Stopped at some other falls for a group picture and to drink in the view and passed the Weeping Wall. Continuing South we reached the top of Bow Pass, at an elevation of 2069 m. Bow Summit, the highest point along the Icefields Parkway, is the watershed divide of the Bow and Mistaya Rivers. This area is famous for its colorfull timberline meadows and stunning view of Peyto Lake - "the bluest lake in the Rockies". Peyto Lake and Glacier are named for the turn-of-the century packer and guide, Bill Peyto. We followed the trail up and had a great view of lake, Patterson mountain, Peyto Mountain and some others. And then further in the snow as the trail was hard to find back. Some of us again knee-deep in the snow but the view of the lake, which looks like the head of a wolf, was well worth the wet socks. Another group picture of all of us laying down in the snow. Cold but fun. Back on the Moose for a stop at Bow Lake. This is the third-largest lake in Banff National Park. Almost all of its water is glacier-fed. Lake was still partially frozen. Last lake of the day was Moraine lake. Ten spire-like peaks surround it, each more than 3048m. We hiked up the Moraine Lake Rockpile for another gorgeous view of the lake. Was a bit scared for the going down part but it was actually not that bad. And the view was well worth the climb up. A quick stop at Lake Louise Village for some grocery shopping and last bit to Banff. Stayed at the SameSun hostel this time. A little tour of the town and some dinner at the same vegetarian bistro I ate last time. Very good food. Back to the hostel to update weblog and enjoy the company of some of the other girls that were on the bus before turning off the lights.
With huge mountain vistas at every turn, it's easy to miss wildlife on the road side but we did see some elk, mountain goat and black bears today.
And if you would ask me which was the most beautiful lake today, I wouldn't be able to answer that question. They are all amazingly beautiful. And there are soooo many of them.


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