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Banff - Revelstoke - June 9

(Saturday 9 June 2007) by Karin
Departure at 8:15 today and I was late. Had gotten up early to check mails and give you all an update and didn't see the time pass. Got lucky as the computer I was using didn't ask for the dollars you are supposed to feed it if you want to use it. Worth using it as long as possible.
Heading west along the Bow Valley Parkway, we took the turnoff for Johnston Canyon. First part of the trail is on a paved surface and is a very gentle uphill that ends in front of the first waterfall, called the Lower Falls, which is the start of the gorge. Going through a little tunnel you can get quite close and wet.
Next stop at the spectacular Emerald Lake. Trevor, the driver, had said that if the weather was good we could jump of the bridge and go for a swim. It was a rainy and not so warm day so I told him I would jump if he would not knowing he would of course. So changed into swimsuit on the bus and seven of us jumped, me being the only female. All of the men from the top of the railing but I went one stage down. We jumped and swam to shore as fast as we could as the water was freezing cold. But it was worth it. If I'd jump again I would go from the top too. Just seemed soooo high the first time. Had to change in the ladiesroom a bit further down the road. We did attract a lot of people.
We got to Revelstoke around 4:00. This small town is a picturesque place where peaks pierce the sky in every direction. It is also a busy railwaycenter. We stayed at the SameSun budget lodge. Lots to do in Revelstoke but as it was raining none of us were interested in kayaking so we ended up at the pool. Hadn't been in the pool for a month and was happy to swim some laps. Shopping for a meal, prepare, and eat. Check some email, skipped the pub and went to bed. Hope the weather will be better tomorrow. Last week I wanted rain and didn't get it.... now I would like some sunshine and of course, it's raining.
PS. Time changed again so back to 9 hours difference.
PPS. Might not have regular access to internet for the next two weeks but keep checking....

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