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Revelstoke - Kelowna - June 10

(Sunday 10 June 2007) by Karin
Another early departure, delayed this time by a bunch of bar goers that got up really late. I'd already had a short walk along the Columbia River. A gray day again but some blue sky behind the clouds. Going to the city today. We stopped at the flea market where we all picked a name out of a hat and had to buy something for this person to wear to the bar in the evening. Dresses for some of the boys, tracksuits, feathers, hats, bear slippers, etc. were exchanged. Glad I'm not going to the bar tonight.
On arrival in Kelowna the sun was shining and it was hot so most of the group decided for a trip to the beach to just hang out for the afternoon. Great idea. We went to City Park and beach, a five minute walk from the hostel, and enjoyed the sun. The lake was still pretty cold.
But more about Kelowna. It is the largest city in the Central Okanagan with a population of approx. 110.000. Biggest city I've seen for a while. It lies on the east side fo the Okanagan Lake which stretches 270 km. Meaning 'Grizzly Bear' in the language of the Interior Salish people of the area, Kelowna has grown from a little lakeside town to be the largest city in the interior of British Columbia. It is surrounded by orchards and vineyards. We stayed at another SameSun hostel. In the evening I went for a run through City Park, past waterfront promenade into the wetlands, and a bird sanctuary where I just had to stop and see an osprey feeding her young. This superb fish-eating bird of prey is distinguished by its white head and underparts, and dark stripe from beak base to the badck of the head. In flight, tis witns, 159-163 cm. long are held at a characteristic 'crooked' angle. Osrpey hover 10-30 m. over water, then dive, feet first, after fish within a meter of the surface. Fish are held in powerful talons while the bird flies to a perch or its nest to feed itself and young. Running in different places is nice as you get to see just a bit more of a village or town.
Had some dinner and went into the common room to have some peace and quiet. Music was blasting in the kitchen and near the computers. Hard to concentrate. Tired so took a shower, arranged my stuff for the morning, so I wouldn't wake everybody up in the morning and went to bed.

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