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Cawston - June 12

(Wednesday 20 June 2007) by Karin
Didn't sleep very well and woke up early. Ready to go at 7:30. Thinning pears was today's job. Fruit thinning is one of the most expensive aspects of fruit production as it is always done by hand to remove excess and damage fruit. It's important to avoid biennial bearing. A number of tree fruit varieties tend to have a heavy bloom and set a big crop one year and the following season have little or no return bloom. It's also important to get the desired fruit size. No thinning, on a normal or heavy crop year, results in too much small fruit that can be difficult to market. Also, very small fruit in bunches is more prone to insect and disease damage. Anyway, for me this meant, climbing up and down the ladder a million times and dropping all the 'extra' pears. Moving the ladder was the hardest part though. Kept getting caught in the branches. But the sun was shining this morning. Loads of mosquitos here too. They seem smaller then in Dunster but they still bite and it itches.
After lunch I wanted to go for a walk but after having pulled cactus needles out of my legs a few times I gave up. One of the wwoofers with a laptop let me use hers to check my emails so was busy with that for a while as connection wasn't very good. Then, as it wasn't very hot, I went for a run. A lot of dogs running around here which isn't much fun when you have to pass them. They seem to like my ankles.
Upon return I showered, and as I was the first one today I had hot water. Yesterday I took a really quick one once I realized that the water wasn't getting very warm.
Dinner, some reading and bedtime again.

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