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Cawston - June 13

(Wednesday 20 June 2007) by Karin
Woke up early again. What's wrong with me? No... it's the bed. It's a back killer. Celine, the French wwoofer left today so I checked her bed and it's better. Will move and hopefully have a better rest tonight.
But here's a bit more info about the farm. Wwoof hosts are Lauren and Walter, son Che and daughter Sylvia, 4 dogs, a bunch of chickens and turkeys and 28 horse. Oh, I forgot, thousands of mosquitos too. Orchard is big with peach-, apricot-, apple-, pear- and cherrie trees. Cherries are the only ripe fruit for the moment. Veggie gardens have tomatoes (put compost on those the first day), salad (pick that for lunch every day), zucchini, onions, garlic etc....
Today, I continued pinning pears until the tea break. Then I changed to cutting aphids out of the cherry trees. And before anyone asks.... here's a little aphid lesson. Aphids in cherry trees are called black cherry aphids. They are usually not a problem in mature trees. However, they can become worse under organic production especially in young trees where severe distortion of shoots and shunting can occur. In bearing trees, high populations can result in large amounts of honeydew. The stickyness and soot molds that grow in this rich medium canmake the fruit unmarketable. Fruit set in the subsequent year can also be reduced. The eggs are black, shiny and oval. Adults are shiny black and globular in shape. The first generation can be found on unopened buds. Then they move inside curled leaves. I am pruning of infested terminals. And some trees have loads of them. So, still going up and down the ladder but this one is smaller as trees aren't as high as pear trees. Again, not a very hot morning so eaten by the mosquitos and I think that my bug repellent actually attracts the little monsters. When lunch time came around it was raining.... again. For a place that's supposed to be hot and dry I've seen a lot of rain. Luckily it didn't last too long and I went for a walk. Not much to do in the area so I am a bit bored. But have some time to read all those magazines that are making my backpack soooo heavy so I can leave those behind and will travel a bit lighter.


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