Travel Journal

Cawston - June 14-15

(Wednesday 20 June 2007) by Karin
Up at six again on Thursday and went for a walk through the orchard nibbling on cherries. They are gooooood. At 6:30 some jumping on the trampoline and at 7:10 I was cutting aphids out of the cherry trees. Great exercise going up and down that ladder. But positioned it badly at some point and it fell over. With me on it so got an enormous bruise on my left leg and my legs where shaking a bit. That's it so really not too bad. As it was almost lunchtime anyway I finished a bit early. Covered my leg in arnica cream hoping the bruise wouldn't get too colorfull. While washing machine was working on getting my clothes clean again I went for an afternoon walk. And the sun was out today. Unbelievable.
Went running in the Indian reserve again ignoring the sign that says you are not allowed to trespass as it is mostly downhill or flat but I ended up on a steady uphill after that. Was hard but a good workout. Hungry upon return so had some dinner and talked till late with Che and Matt (Canadian wwoofer).
Friday morning I went up the ladder again for more aphid cutting. Still a lot to do. Trees are covered in them. After the tea break I was ready for a change and did a 'ground job'. Guess what..... weeding. Had not done any of that yet. The onions where hard to find between all the weeds. A quiet afternoon as it was raining again. I'm now sure that everyone is wrong about the weather here. Out of 5 days I've had 3 days of rain. Hopefully better tomorrow.


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