Travel Journal

Cawston - June 16

(Wednesday 20 June 2007) by Karin
Up early again and in the orchard at 7:10. Started with thinning the pears but that ladder is too big and difficult to move so I went back to the cherry trees. And while cutting aphids a good amount of cherries end up in my mouth. They are so good and its hard not to eat them while you are up in the trees and they are almost begging you to be eaten. Surprised I didn't get a tummy ache considering the amount I ate. Matt was working in the row next to me so we talked a lot which makes the time go faster. I like working in the cherry trees.
Not lucky with the dishes today. After lunch we always "play cards". The person who picks the lowest card has to do the dishes. I lucked out until now but today was not my day. But we were few today so not too many dishes to do.
As nice as the weather was in the morning, as bad it was in the afternoon. So my plan of getting a nice sun tan wasn't going to happen. So I just hang around again and did some more reading. David, another Canadian wwoofer and friend of Matt arrived this afternoon and we had some dinner and nice conversation together. Tomorrow is Sunday and the three of us might hike up the mountain and go to the waterfall. Looking forward to that.


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