Travel Journal

Cawston - June 17

(Wednesday 20 June 2007) by Karin
Another no sun but lots of wind day. Started in the orchard to pick some cherries for breakfast and worked a little bit. Then made a few phone calls home but often got cut off so that was no fun.
After Matt and David got up and had their breakfast we went up the mountain. First part we just followed the path and it went really well. Matt said it was only going to be 30-45 minutes. After 30 minutes Matt wanted to get of the path to go to the waterfall but I asked if we couldn't continue a bit longer. Encountered a bull snake just a bit further up the path that nicely posed for some pictures before disappearing. Continued for a while until they decided it was time to go down to the creek and find the waterfall. That's where I regretted my decision of going on a bit further. No path, only rocks and leaves and it was slippery. Going down almost on all fours to make sure I wouldn't slip. Follow the creek for a while until it was impossible to pass through and we had to pass to the other side on a big log. aaarrgghh. Follow the creek for a while again and until it became hard to pass and I suggested to just climb up the hill. Did not look like much and not too high. Was I wrong. It was never ending and rocks kept slipping from underneath my feet. I was afraid I would just slide all the way back down. Matt and David, on the other hand, didn't seem to have any problems. I did make it up there on hands and feet and slipping away regularly but I made it. Rested for a while. Great views all around but no path, trail, road.... So now we had to somehow find a way back and we started downhill. Less rocky so easier but still sliding away sometimes. Once we got down there we followed the creek for a while and I sure was glad when David didn't want to cross the creek again because the log was too slippery. So we went back up again and ended up on a trail that ended on a road that led us to the main road. 3 hours and 45 minutes later we got back. Hungry and thirsty but it was a good hike. I enjoyed it. Had a very late lunch and a rest.


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