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Cawston - Osoyoos - Kelowna - June 19

(Thursday 21 June 2007) by Karin
First I went to get my last cherrie breakfast in the orchard and I picked some for the road. Then I packed, said goodbye to everyone and Lauren dropped me at the visitor center in Osoyoos. Greyhound bus leaves from there. I was able to leave my luggage at the visiting center and she gave me a ride to the center. Walked down to the beach and strolled around town for a few hours. As I had predicted, the weather was hot and sunny. Went to a cute little bookstore and bought some Angel meditation cards so will let you know which angel walks with me every day. Walked back to the visitor center/greyhound bus station.
At the bus stop there was another girl, Kid, waiting so we hooked up together as she was also going to Kelowna. The bus was an hour late and it sure is nice to have someone to talk to then. The 2.5 hour ride wasn't as nice as the ride to Osoyoos as I got a bit motion sick. Shared a cab to go to the SameSun hostel and checked in. Decided I would stay a few days here and only get back on the Moose bus on Friday. Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow so we can go to the beach. As we were both really hungry our first trip was to the grocery store. Then cook and eat. Just hanging out on the patio before I got ready for a run and Kid for a walk. Best run I've done for a while but mostly flat. I like that but I guess you must have all figured that out by now. Then some time on the internet updating the log and reading emails.

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