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Whistler - Vancouver - June 24 - Another first.....

(Monday 25 June 2007) by Karin
Only leaving at 3:30 today but a rainy day so most of us just hung around the chalet, reading, talking, eating, etc. Even though check-out was at 10:00 am (for those going back to Vancouver) we could just leave our packs downstairs in the hall and stay upstairs. Just had to vacate the rooms so they could be cleaned and would be ready for the next group. I only got up at 9:30 so it was a rush to be out of there on time.
Then the bungee jump call came. 160 ft. bungee into a scenic canyon. Who wanted to go???? I new I had to go but it sure was more scary than skydiving. I did say yes as did three of the boys. We would be picked up at 12:30. I had some breakfast and decided to hang around a bit more as it was raining again. Sure nice that the common room was really comfy and a lot of the others stayed around too. A bit noisy with all the talking but nice. Comes around 12:30 and the pick-up call we discover that two of the boys have disappeared and that there are only two of us going to jump...... scary scary scary.... I sure was very nervous about this jump. And got more and more nervous as we reached our destination. But when we got there.... the sun came out and it was beautiful. Paid and when I asked how much one of their t-shirts would cost he gave me one for free. Watched some other people jump and calmed down a bit until I was ready to go. I would jump backwards so I wouldn't see how high it was. Heels over the edge.... countdown.... 5-4-3-2-1-.... no jump... let's try again ... 5-4-3-2-1-..... you gotta let go of those railings..... 5-4-3-2-1-.... with both hands..... 5-4-3-2-1- ... a little push and there I went.... Exhilarating...... I screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamed, and every time I bounced back I would screaaaaaaaaaaaaam again. I didn't let go of the harness until the rope that would haul me back up came down. I let loose just long enough to grab the rope and attach it but it was sure nice to just hang there and take a look around. I was heard..... but everyone laughed about it. When we got back to the chalet Tim, the driver, demonstrated a few times for the others how well I screamed while jumping up and down. He did it again after we picked other people up at the other hostel just before leaving. But, they all thought it was sooooooo courageous that I did jump. I think my screaming will be talked about a lot but I did jump and I will do this again. Next time maybe a bit more relaxed.
The trip back to Vancouver wasn't very long. We stopped at Brandywine falls. Unique 66m falls and I really liked these. Just a short stop before we were on our way again.
Checked into the HI downtown hostel and added one night to my stay here. Another 'moose' girl that I met before sleeps in the same room so we got updates on each others travels before I went to get some dinner. We went for a short walk afterwards and then I logged on to update this travellog. Lucky again as at first the computer wasn't working but now I get 10 minutes free tryout every 10 minutes so am not paying.
The Angel of Obedience traveled with me today. Not sure I was doing very well on the obedience part but I did jump and I think that was the reason for me going to Whistler. It sure was the highlight of the trip.

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