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Vancouver - June 25

(Wednesday 27 June 2007) by Karin
Signed up for Lynn Canyon tour with guide Erik with departure at 9:00 but as usual, we left late. First we did some sightseeing in the downtown core, including interesting architecture and got some facts and history about some of the buildings and sites but I won't bore you with that. Will only tell you that the Olympics in Vancouver are only 963 days away. Wandered around China town and its picturesque Classic Chinese garden before it was time for a coffee stop and of course the restroom break. We got quite a few 'this is the time to go cause you'll have to wait another so many minutes/hours before the next stop'. It was quite funny in the end and I got the giggles when after another history and facts lessons towards the end of the trip some one asked 'when is the next restroom stop' after Erik's querie if we had any questions.
Anyway, we boarded a bus for a 45 minute trip across the Second Narrows Bridge from where we enjoyed a magnificent view of the city and mountains to Lynn Canyon where after a short walk we had lunch at the edge of a splendily crystal clear river. Afterwards we headed out into the nature of beautiful Lynn Canyon where he took us along serene wooded trails. We crossed a suspension bridge and enjoyed the view of a waterfall followed by a hike to the twin falls. A lot of steps to climb but well worth it as the scenery was great. Then back to take the bus to Lonsdale quay to take the Sea-bus. On arrival Erik told us to hurry as we only had 4 minutes to catch the sea-bus when suddenly he starts sprinting and tells us to do the same. We see a timer at 57 seconds counting down and when we realize that this is the time before departure it was quite amazing to see how every one just sprinted to the bus. Would have made a great movie scene but unfortunately no time for filming. We all did make it. Arrival at Waterfront station downtown, a stroll through Gastown to see the narrowest building in the world and be just in time to hear the world's first steam powered clock. Each quarter hour the clock will sound the Westminster chimes. The large whistle will sound once on the hour and it was 5 o'clock when we got there. Back on the bus that brought us back to the HI Downtown hostel. Some dinner and a trip to the Internet Cafe to upload some pictures only to discover that today the site is down as it is moved to a different server. Too bad. Tired from all the strolling and walking so time for bed. Goodnight.
The Angel of Adventure walked with me today. Adventuring is a kind of permission we give ourselves to cross the frontier between the known and the unknown.

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