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Vancouver - Victoria - June 26

(Wednesday 27 June 2007) by Karin
Angel of Openness traveled with me today and sure needed that. Left Vancouver for Victoria (Vancouver Island) today but had no idea what I was to do there. Anyway, after I packed my bags this morning and put them in storage for the day I walked to Stanley park and had a nice stroll around one part of the park. It's one of North America's largest urban parks and the highlight of any Vancouver visit because of its combination of natural and human-built attraction. Sure a beautiful place to wander around and enjoy the fresh air. Thousands of trees fell during a storm last year and some of them were beautiful big sequoia trees, hundreds of years old so part of the sea wall was closed off.
Needed to catch a bus to the ferry so had a quick late lunch at the hostel, picked up my bags and walked to the busstop. With every meter I walked I was more decided to get rid of part of all this stuff. It weighs a ton but luckily I got some help from someone willing to carry one of the bags. Not so much luck on arrival at the ferry and dragged the bag along. I will definitely get rid of some stuff tomorrow. Ferry ride was much longer then I expected (1 hour and 45 minutes) and unfortunately they decided to do an emergency 'man overboard' rescue test today which delayed us enough to miss the bus to go downtown and there is only one bus every hour. 6 hours after I left the Vancouver hostel I finally arrived at the HI Victoria hostel, a few blocks away from the busstop so if I hadn't be so sure about thrashing some stuff I definitely was now. First thing to be done tomorrow morning is deciding what goes and what stays. Discovered that Thursdays there is a revitalizing, soul inspiring walk with Colin and extended my stay here. Now it is late and I'm tired so bedtime.

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