Travel Journal

Victoria - Seattle - June 29

(Tuesday 3 July 2007) by Karin
Started sorting my bags early this morning so I could leave some things in storage here and go wherever I needed to go. Stopped at the travel agency to find out what my next destination would be and Fort Townsend it was. Back to the hostel to finish packing, check-out, have some breakfast, prepare a snack. Then I took the bus to Butchart gardens with another girl. The Butchart Gardens borders on Tod inlet, close to Brentwood, and 21 km from Victoria. Covering 22 ha, the Gardens began with an idea by Jenny Butchart to beautify a worked-out limestone quarry which had supplied her husband's nearby Portland cement plant. Through the skillful mixture of rare and exotic shrubs, trees and flowers, often personally collected by the Butcharts during their extensive world travels, the now famous Sunken Garden was created. The gardens, started as a hobby, constantly expanded, spilling over into the Japanese, followed by the Rose and Italian gardens. We just started our walk when it started pouring. They must have had this problem before as you could just grab an umbrella at any of the numerous stands along the way and drop them back off at the exit. I only had time to enjoy the beautiful Sunken garden, the Ross Fountain, where the water rises 21 m, providing a magnificent display, the Rose garden and a quick run throught the Italian garden before I had to catch a bus that would bring me back to Victoria in time to pick up my bags and walk to the docks to get on the Victoria Klipper that would bring me to Seattle. Customs before leaving took a while but waiting for my bag and passing customs on the US side took even longer. Of course late for the bus to the hostel and had to stay in town with no hotel reservation. Great.... what now??? Have you ever found yourself in a town for the first time, at night, tired and hungry??? Well, you know how I felt ..... If you haven't..... I felt miserable and was wondering why I left Brussels to start with. I called left and right with no success and ended up taking the bus to 'somewhere just out of town' to find a motel. Someone on the bus then told me that really wasn't a safe place to go to which of course discouraged me even more. Then I met a South African family that had encountered the same problem a few days before but found a hotel in the end. They were now renting a room for a month. We got of the bus together and did the tour of the hotels to no avail. Because of a conference everything was fully booked. What fun. As they didn't want to leave me on the street they sneaked me into their room and offered me the single fold-out bed while the three of them slept in the double bed. I would have slept on the floor but they didn't want me to.
Will have to sneak out tomorrow.
The Angel of Honesty travelled with me today.


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